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Now introducing….

The first to see the sun. That’s what I thought of while designing Giraffidae. His markings represent the sun rays that touch his face each morning and the flowers that grow from that radiance. I am happy indeed to add … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

I’veĀ receivedĀ a number of requests to create a very specific animal….a Giraffe. I must say, the giraffe is indeed my favorite animal. Some people close to me, know that a life goal of mine is to see a giraffe running in … Continue reading

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Yootopian goes to the Zu!

A while ago I was asked by the lovely people at Zu Furnishings to create a large format original illustration of a few members of the Inked Menagerie. This was my first time producing them on such a large-scale but … Continue reading

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