The power of music

Music has always played a big part in my life.

Whether it is a gospel song that uplifts me and my day or a classical song that provides the perfect background for the creation of a piece of art, music is powerful. Many people ask me, “Why did  you start drawing these animals? What inspired you to create them?” I always find myself wanting to say “Ok, first, let me just say, I’m not crazy, but it’s about to get real ‘artsy talk’ in here”  I then go on to explain that it was through listening to a particular song somehow got me to thinking about places I’ve never seen, places that I could only dream of, that is where Utopia came to mind. I then began to create what I felt the inhabitants might look like.

The CD that has inspired me for “The Inked Menagerie”  has been Bobby McFerrin’s Vocabularies. I describe it as, “Taking a tour of the world through music.” As soon as I heard the song, “Say Ladeo” I knew I had to purchase this album! I somehow managed to listen to this album for 3 weeks straight. The combination of the harmonies and low notes just amazed me. Take a listen and a journey as well.

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